February 2023 Mix

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Starting the year off right with Parannoul, Vitesse X, Overmono, For Tracy Hyde & more

Now that the first month of the year is in the books, we’ve got an utterly insane amount of new music to share with you – in case you haven’t gotten around to it all yet. Not gonna lie, it’s kind of bonkers how stacked January 2023 shaped up in terms of new tunes. Several artists dropped excellent lead singles, forecasting promising full-length albums on the horizon. On top of that, we’ve got a legendary band reunion in the works (Everything But The Girl) that’s shaping up nicely. And although it’s early days, one particular release has already laid claim to the 2023 Album of the Year throne.

Two years after his titanic breakthrough record To See The Next Part Of The Dream, the Korean one-man-band shoegazer Parannoul has blessed us with a follow-up, the stratospheric After The Magic. Parannoul is one of the biggest DIY internet success stories of the last few years, and his latest builds off of his previous efforts and will surely earn him a whole new throng of die-hard followers. Shedding some of the math-ier emo edges of his previous record, After The Magic leans into his crescendo-chasing shoegaze sensibilities while adding more sweeping orchestral and indietronica layers. The result is a warm, poignant sonic embrace that leads listeners through an inspired gamut of emotions. It’s the album to beat so far this year.

Elsewhere, there’s new stuff from Impose faves such as Frost Children, Jesus Piece, and ALEPH, as well as a smattering of releases from the newly-established Music Website label, from artists including Vitesse X, Swordes, and Couch Prints. And then there’s a recent highlight from Japanese shoegaze band For Tracy Hyde, who sadly announced their breakup following the release of their excellent (and final) album Hotel Insomnia. You can check out the tracklist and dig in below via YouTube AND Spotify. Cheers!


1. Parannoul – “Arrival”
2. Avalon Emerson – “Sandrail Silhouette”
3. Frost Children – “Flatline”
4. Everything But The Girl – “Nothing Left To Lose”
5. Clark – “Town Crank”
6. Jesus Piece – “Gates of Horn”
7. Björk & Shygirl – “Ovule” (Sega Bodega Remix)
8. Overmono “Is U”
9. Swordes – “Bbydoll”
10. boygenius – “Emily I’m Sorry”
11. Andy Shauf – “Telephone”
12. Softcult – “Dress”
14. URCHN & Shiloh Dynasty – “Pure Imagination”
15. Drew Pelisek – “Try A Little Harder”
16. Vitesse X – “In The Balance”
17. Narrow Head – “Caroline”
18. Yaeji – “For Granted”
19. Model/Actriz – “Crossing Guard”
20. Screaming Females – “Brass Bell”
21. Mandy, Indiana – “Injury Detail”
22. BabyTron – “Forever $cams”
23. Couch Prints – “Impressions”
24. Fucked Up – “I Think I Might Be Weird”
25. Geese – “Cowboy Nudes”
26. Zulu – “Where I’m From”
27. Shame – “Six-Pack”
28. Fly Anakin – “Blicky Bop”
29. Samia – “Breathing Song”
30. U.S. Girls – “Futures Bet”
31. GEL – “Attainable”
32. M83 – “Oceans Niagra”
33. Purling Hiss – “Yer All In My Dreams”
34. Lil Ugly Mane – “Ricochet”
35. 03 Greedo ft. Drakeo The Ruler – “No Free Features”
36. Kinoteki – “How To Fall Out of Love (Again and Again)”
37. For Tracy Hyde – “Subway Station Revelation”
38. Fireworks – “I Want to Start A Religion With You”
39. Dean Blunt ft. TYSON – “PRESSED”
40. Caroline Polachek – “Blood and Butter”