I want Frankie Rose to be in my band

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The cover of Frankie Rose and The Outs self-titled debut album

Is there anyone in indie rock with a more storied history of bands in such a short time?

How can you not crush on Frankie? She's been an integral member of three of the most important bands in the resurgent retro lo-fi world, yet bad-ass enough to walk out (get kicked out?) on all of them as they reached their prime. She's like the Dave Mustaine of garage rock, except when she leaves, the band doesn't get better.

Now, she's stepped out from behind the drum kit to form her own band, Frankie Rose and the Outs (not the Oats, as some would believe), and on September 21, they'll drop their self-titled debut on Slumberland. Rose explains the new record as an attempt to be as “hi-fi as possible while sticking to the sounds [she's] always loved.”

Excuse me if it doesn't quite feel like a debut, but more of a bold statement by an artist who's walked the line of fame only to turn her back on it time and time again. Either way, the band that bears her name makes one thing certain; Frankie can't leave this one. But if she does decide to dissolve it, I would just like her to know she can jam with me anytime. I'm a sucker for dysfunctional relationships.

Frankie Rose and the Outs track list:

01 Hollow Life
02 Candy
03 Little Brown Haired Girls
04 Lullubye for Roads and Miles
05 That's What
People Told Me
06 Memo
07 Must Be Nice
08 Girlfriend Island
09 You Can Make Me Feel Bad
10 Don't Tred
11 Save Me