Friends Records' Whartscape preview cassette

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Friends and Friends of Friends cassette

Friends Records recently released a cassette that features quite a few reps of this weekend's Whartscape camp, and regular favorites on the Friends Records roster.

Download it for free here and buy the tape here.

Friends Records' Friends and Friends of Friends cassette track list:
Side A

01 Weekends – A Defining Love (acoustic)

02 Future Islands – Virgo Distracts (live @ DubLab)

03 Height with Friends – Current Floor (King Rhythm Redux)

04 Winks – Sometimes I Can Fake a Smile

05 Daytime – Lights

06 Food For Animals – Dope (Jones Remix)

07 Sri Aurobindo – Don’t Know (live @ WMUC)

08 The Violet Hour – Echoes

Side B

09 Moss of Aura – Generations

10 Lands and Peoples – In Living Colour

11 Lonnie Walker – Feels Like Right

12 Tapes in Space – Bat Meat

13 Shields – DANGx2

14 B&P – Greminals

15 Brendan Sullivan – Young Thunder Pt. 1