Girl As Wave, "Speed of Light"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Based in New York, Marci Elizabeth projects soulful, lo-fi tracks through her moniker, Girl As Wave. After collaborating with Los Angeles based producer Jimmy Deer, the connection resulted in four alt-electro tracks, compiling as Girl As Wave’s upcoming debut EP, Poison Vines and Nectar.
“Speed of Light” is energetic but careless, as Elizabeth sings with a slacker tone mixed with hints of Jenny Lewis. The guitar tracks listen like a Fidlar outtake, while the beat and drive feels reminiscent of The Pixies circa Doolittle. It is refreshing, a break in the bleaker clouds of alt-rock we’ve been overwhelmed with. Girl As Wave proves to be a contender amongst the darker rockers– and also a brighter spot amongst them.

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