Golden Girls are for the children

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Golden Girls are a fearsome foursome from Worcester, MA, blaring punk rock anthems out their amplifiers like they don't give a fuck. Or in their own words, “untamed rock and roll for the kids.” I met one of their guitarists, Ben Wheeler, in the Worcester Dining Commons (coincidence?) through a mutual friend when we were all attending the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Months later I caught word of his band and was drawn to the sound, which was something I probably would have totally slobbered over when I was knee-deep in NOFX and Pennywise and The Descendents back in Junior High School. This isn't to say the music is infantile, it's simply fun as hell. Late last year I invited the dudes to come to WMUA and record a few songs at the station. As of now they've recorded and self-released a CDR as well as the ULTIMATE FREEDOM EP on Burning Mill Records.

What's your favorite Worcester band right now that no one outside of Worcester has heard of?

The Terribles are fucking sick. Jamie shreds guitar, bassist Mike is a Worcester Skate Legend, Matt kills it on drums. They’ve been a band for over 10 years and it shows.

What's the best show you've ever played outside of Worcester?

All the best shows obviously are in Worcester – the show we threw at our old practice space, we had 200-plus kids in a tiny room… craziest fucking shit you’ve ever seen in your life. Naked girls, crowd surfing, at least three gnarly fights… and somehow it didn't get busted!

When I asked you guys about this interview, you mentioned new music on the way. Are you recording any differently now than on last year's demo CD-R or the ULTIMATE FREEDOM EP?

We record when we can. We’re recording with our friend Evin who did the CD-R, he’s got a lot of new gear now and everything sounds rad. We like sonic clarity with the right amount of grime. Been listening to a lot of Megadeth, Wipers, Big Star, Lemonheads, et cetera so maybe that will bleed thru.

Regarding the new recordings, what's up next for Golden Girls?

The new stuff we’re recording is actually some of the first shit we never wrote but ever recorded. It’s a little darker than our other stuff, on some sorta psych/punk trip. There’s some “number 1 hitz” on there, too. The song your hearing is from a new tape that should come out Novemberish. After that we’re gonna be bangin’ out a “hawt nu single” a month. Maybe we’ll start a label or something (Wormhole Records).

What's with the teen sex themes? You guys on some jailbait nympho shit?

Yeah, definitely. 8====D~~~ (.Y.)
Rock over Worcester.
Rock over Holden.
Keep on keepin' on.
GGZ out.