Busdriver, Computer Cooties

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He's been claiming he'd infect our laptops with the oldest of schoolyard diseases contractible by juvenile voodoo. Yesterday the future became for realsies.

World famous fast rap weirdo Busdriver announced the link to his new website, which features the free album Computer Cooties. Opener “Thick Enough” is straight euro-fied gay bar as Busdriver auto-tune's the hell out of his croons about a deplorable lack of thickness. Somebody needs to tell Busdriver MTV no longer makes Party To Go compilations – so there's no use in making a song intended to earn a spot on the next edition in mind.

Much easier to digest is “Computer Cooties” the song, which flips Wolf Parade's “You Are A Runner And I Am My Father's Son”. No one can deliver left-brain braggadocio quite like Busdriver. He sneaks in nuggets of brilliance like “I'm a self-employed dapper-dan” that go unnoticed while you scratch your head over “I go so hard it's like I co-starred in a Ferris Bueller movie” and this is before he wraps up his battle with a signature double-time punching bag exercise.

Computer Cooties is 15 tracks deep and features guest appearances and beats from Daedalus, Open Mike Eagle, Flying Lotus, Free The Robots and Anti-pop Consortium.

Download Computer Cooties here.

Busdriver, “Computer Cooties”

Busdriver, “Encyclopedia Wand”

Busdriver, “Beats Way Sick” (Moderat feat. Busdriver)