Goldroom, “Till Sunrise”

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Sensitive LA-based soul-spinner Goldroom is back with a brand new single via Binary Records that’s romantically titled “Till Sunrise”.

Ever the emotive mixer, he’s got everything from twinkling accents to the dreamy, breathless vocals of Aussie newcomer Mammals, all layered atop an earworm-y synthline and chillwave-y groove. Soothing, peace-filled and appropriately summery, it’s a smooth, tension-melting tune that slowly slinks away.

West Coast buds can catch Goldroom at Sacramento’s TBD Festival in October, but for all you land-locked folk, stream “Till Sunrise” via Soundcloud below.

If it’s more “Till Sunrise” you require, Goldroom made the stems to his single available prior to the debut. It resulted in over 30 remixes to be streamed here.