Hoeksema, "Palais"

Gestating over years, long distance moves and myriad experiences in-between, multifaceted artist Hoeksema is finally ready to unveil his debut EP, Life After, out November 10th via Good Eye Records. The 5 track short player is the work of the titular Samuel Hoeksema who grapples with themes of loss and identity across layered electronic soundscapes that build, sway and entrance.
Today, Impose Magazine is pleased to bring you “Palais,” the debut single from Hoeksema and the first offering off of the Life After EP. The track opens with dark swells of sound that combine and bloom like a flower rising out of snow. Complex syncopations guide the darkly elegant affair from there as it all comes to a head and holds in a beautiful swirl.
Hoeksema shares; “‘Palais’ attempts to dissect the fragile conversation of a mind that is struggling to reconcile a loss of purpose, which can feel a little bit like falling through the sky in a bad dream. You’re anticipating to hit the ground, bracing for the punch, waiting for the impact…but the impact never actually comes and you’re just there, falling.”
Stream Hoeksema’s “Palais” below and be sure to follow him on Facebook and Spotify for more.