holymachines, “Image Version Mix”

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holymachines is the ambient project of Chris Hill, a Berlin-based beat producer that works in electronic collages. As a member of the Average Negative collective, holymachines’ latest release Image Version is filed as a exhibition rather than an album. Conceived in collaboration with visual artist Aquiet (Sven Stratmann), Image Version is comprised of animated visuals by Aquiet that aim to blur the realms of reality and virtual reality—all pressed to a stylish USB card. Part of the audiovisual exhibit, which is 30 minutes long can be experienced on the Average Negative website.

As a companion piece to the exhibit, holymachines curated the “Image Version Mix”, which features influential and peripheral selections like Portraits, Eli Kezler, patten, Forest Swords, and Oneohtrix Point Never. If the recordings on Image Version are influences arranged in a fragmented state, broken down to their most minute in order to be envisioned anew, the “Image Version Mix” is a restoration of holymachines’ deconstruction. Chris Hill explains the mix further below:

This mix contains a kaleidoscope of different vibes, including some all time favourites, some tracks by friends and like minded people and some of my own side projects sprinkled in here and there. There is a certain ambiguity to most of the sounds in there, similar to the tension I was playing with on my own album. Get lost.

Purchase holymachines’ Image Version USB on the Average Negative Bandcamp.

“Image Version Mix” tracklisting:
01 Berghum, “Liquimind”
02 Golden Living Room, “Midi Jungle”
03 Second Life, “Grand Wizard trolling”
04 D R Y F, “+mulch”
05 Orphan, “Most of Missing” (patten remix)
06 Eli Kezler, “Cold Pin” (excerpt)
07 Ssaliva, “Tromeo”
08 2 8 1 4, “恢复”
09 Wave Bender, “the head hunts past the pulse”
10 Dynooo, “08 (T0fgCfF)” [Remix by Lars T C F Holdhus]
11 Yearning Kru, “Ochre Garden Aspect” (excerpt)
12 Oneohtrix Point Never, “Returnal” (feat. Antony)
13 Forest Swords, “Miarches”
14 Portraits, “The Gesture”