Idiot Glee celebrates Christmas

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Idiot Glee Reindeer's Time

Last year James Friley gave us An Idiot Glee Christmas to help ring in the yule tide festivities. And as I whistfully clamored back in aught 10, it seems appropriately fitting for a guy whose voice recalls the classic crooners of the past. Now — like those time tested standards — it would seem as the the Idiot Glee Christmas is becoming a tradition.

Back at it for round two comes Reindeer's Time, another EP's worth of standards done in the atraditional crooning of Idiot Glee. He's even brought along some family for the sleigh ride; literally. Until he e-mails me back to confirm, I'm going to assume it's his sister (it's his sister in-law) Sascha sitting in on the song “Sleigh Ride”, which you can preview / download below. You can listen and download the entire Reindeer's Time EP over at his bandcamp.