Jake Klar "Eleanor"

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Massachusetts born natural, Jake Klar isn’t your typical American singer and songwriter. The secret powers of a poet aren’t gifted to another often, as Jake utilizes his skills on the visual arts side of things combining music and powerful expression. In 2013 Klar released the album “Rocks & Gravel” and another in 2014 titled “Cresent St. Blues”. Recently released, his album “Until The Wild Fire Becomes Paradise” came out on October 20th, 2017. Recorded by Andy Cass at Sleepercave Studios in Easthampton, MA during the cold days that January and February bring us. Produced by Karl Helander. The current members include Jake (guitar and vocals), Max Wareham (Bass), Joel Helander (keys), Karl Helander (drums).
Until The Wild Fire Becomes Paradise was written in the journals kept during a two year & two-month expedition for images and stories of a modern American humanity. From the British Columbia coast down to Los Angeles on a greyhound, out to Austin, crosstown to Brooklyn and hazy in Buenos Aires.

“Elenor” is a very influential and hard-hitting track to start a full-length album off with. There is a close relevance to the song that all of us can relate to, which is important for the listeners. Jake Klar is inspiration itself, the mentalist will leave you wanting to hear more of his euphonious and soothing music.
Photo by Alex Pines