TGUT & Jay Prince, "Tell Me"

Post Author: Andre G

There’s much hubbub about “Soundcloud Rap,” but it seems like the music streaming platform has done relatively little to tap into their popularity or embrace the artists that use their platform. Bandcamp has had an editorial section for a while, which bolstered the profile of some of its select users. Audiomack is looking to follow Bandcamp’s lead, releasing projects featuring select artists on their very own platform.
The first track from their upcoming Skyline EP is “Tell Me,” which was produced by Audiomack creative director (TGUT). The downtempo burner features London rapper Jay Prince, who tongue twists over the melancholy piano play. “Where’s your mind at?” he wonders on the introspective track in which he pleads to just be “alright.” The Skyline EP is shaping up to be more than that, as it also features fellow London artists Renz and Faye Meana, and an introduction from Super Bowl champion and London-born Jay Ajayi.
You can stream “Tell Me” below.