Jazzboy – Romeo

Jazzboy’s ‘Romeo’ is a love-story about a man and his ego

Daubing pop-art pastel panoramas of eccentric instrumentation and unorthodox themes, Parisian psych-popper Jazzboy releases his debut EP ‘Jesus Jazz’ fronted by the track ‘Romeo’.

‘Romeo’, though ‘pop’ in arrangement, runs with melancholic, tragic melodies and lyricism. With percussion made up of shackled chains, ghostly tinkling beneath the rest of the mix, beating 80’s drums and dramatic synth arpeggios, it’s a song that carries a range of influences. There’s a lot going on, but in spite of this Jazzboy manages to streamline and contain his ideas, making for something outstanding.

Jazzboy told us a little about the themes behind the number; “’Romeo’ is a love-story between a man and his ego. Themes of violence, passion, and impossible love run through the track. It’s made up of underlying Shakespearean-tragedy elements, and an indescribable subconscious feeling that I really wanted to put sounds and words on.’

‘Romeo’ and the ‘Jesus Jazz’ EP are out on all platforms today (16th November 2018).