Joel Michael Howard, "Lies"

Post Author: Michael Brummett

Joel Michael Howard was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but now calls New York home. In terms of personal interests, Howard tells us that he “loves writing and recording music, spending time with his significant other, teaching kids about math, and talking on the phone.” June of this year will mark the release of his second full length album, 6th Grade, Part B.

The album was recorded in The Catskills at 6th Grade, Part B, a new recording studio created by Joel Howard and Ian Hersey (ex-Rubblebucket) in an old school house built in 1901. Hersey produced the album and musicians Bryan Bisordi (drums) and Mark Stewart (bass/keys) joined in.
You can find the lyrics to “Lies” below:

I never felt that I was there with you now

I never felt that I could know someone else
We don’t belong inside this dream
Before I knew it we had lost our way out
Be the lies that you tell me
No matter what you do I don’t believe you
No matter what you say I don’t have a clue
We always knew you were not there
But knowing something doesn’t mean that you care
Be the lies that you tell me
I never loved you for you
Before I loved you I knew
I’d never know who I had
But I could know it would last
Be the lies that you tell me
You can find Joel Michael Howard on his Facebook and Bandcamp pages, as well as on Twitter.