Jon Edifice, "Distant Gardens"

Post Author: Michael Brummett

Apparently Slenderman is into post punk.



Confession: this story is a bit weird and unverifiable. ‘Mystery’ is dying marketing strategy in modern day, but we still enjoy the uncertainty about it all.
As the story goes…

“While some of the owners of the label [Burning Rose] were on tour with their band, Death Bells, in Kentucky, they stumbled across a strange person by the name of Jon Edifice. This Jon (no one is even sure if that’s his real name) handed them a copy of his latest demo called Distant Gardens which came with a mummified cats foot. Everyone was pretty weirded out, but the music itself is really some quality stuff. Totally unique post punk/death rock sounding material with a memorable catchy sweetness to it.”

My suspicions were heightened with “. . . they stumbled across.”
Putting in a little research, I found that Distant Gardens was available for a rather short time on Funeral Party’s online store, but was eventually removed from it. Almost adds to the mystery, right?
Jon Edifice


Intriguing origin stories aside, Jon Edifice is a rather minimalistic artist. Courting a haunting drone throughout, Distant Gardens is weird and owns its obscurity. We feel it comes across as traditional post punk, simply elevated by the interesting story behind the artist.


You cannot find Jon Edifice anywhere. (Unless you give them a follow on Soundcloud)