Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, “Arthropoda”

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Bay Area composer Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith uses the Buchla Music Easel to create warm, thick, lush soundscapes that can mimic the sounds of natural life with incredible precision. The first single from her upcoming (third) album, EARS, “Arthropoda,” sounds like a verdant jungle, Smith’s voice tangling and echoing against the Buchla’s versions of soft, constant rain and the song of tree frogs. When Smith references Moebius when talking about her work, she means visual artist Jean Girard Moebius, but we’re reminded of another Moebius when thinking about the organic nature of her songcraft. She has an awful lot in common with Cluster, Harmonia and other such electronic luminaries.

EARS is available for pre-order from Western Vinyl. Listen to “Arthropoda” below: