Kemba, "No You Ain't" (JME REMIX)

Post Author: Andre G

The Grime scene has had its struggles being recognized in the United States. There were moments like Kanye West vibing with the entire scene while performing “All Day” and the recent signing of Grime standout Stormzy to Atlantic Records UK – which made waves stateside — but the reception has been hit or miss. Leave it up to Bronx rhymer Kemba to try and bridge that gap. He recently jumped on a remix of Grime artist JME’s 2015 “No You Ain’t” track, breathing new life into the track.
Kemba has been making his name with incisive commentary on heavy social issues, but he sounds as strutty as ever over the polished synth stabs and towering cymbals. He rhymes with an easygoing flow throughout the track, stretching words and showing off a potential for fun, catchy cadences. That’s not to say he isn’t rhyming though, especially for one run where he tears off rapid-fire multis and lets us know “I was marching with the masses for the poor.”
You can listen to his “No You Ain’t” remix below.