Krill, “Tiger”

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Too much Krill? No such thing. Earlier this week, we dug deep into the “The Cult of Krill“, and now, the band are previewing their equally epic new single, “Tiger.” The track is lifted from Krill’s forthcoming LP A Distant Fist Unclenching, out February 17.

In true Krill fashion, “Tiger” presents a bizarre tale of love, loss, and the common quotidian struggle. Over a gentle, swaying melody punctuated by short bursts of power, Jonah Furman works his way across the food chain, detailing the deaths of a man by a tiger, a fish by an eagle, despite them all having been “well-liked.” It’s both the comedy and the tragedy of everyday life, and it’s something that Krill narrates in perfect detail. By track’s end, Jonah has turned the tables on himself. “If I called you, what would you say to me?” he ponders. “Well, you never call me.” You can’t always be the mightiest creature in the animal kingdom.

“Tiger” is from A Distant Fist Unclenching, out February 17 on Exploding in Sound and Double Double Whammy (in the US) and Steak Club Records (in the UK/EU).