Post Author: Andre G

“Should we even label this? Cause love they overrated it.”
That crucial line is at the core of L8LOOMER’S recent “SFWU” record. Along with one of the most creative names out, L8LOOMER is becoming known for melodic harmonies and relatable content over trap-influenced production. Such is the case on “SFWU,” which relies on a full, lush canvas of synths and 808s. L8LOOMER croons with a range of melodies on the roughly 3-minute track, exploring a rough relationship.
How rough? “I forgot to take the garbage out, you call my Mom’s a bitch.” Ouch. Still, L8LOOMER believes in the power of love, concluding that “we get back together no matter who’s fault it is.” The humorous, well-written track is a testament to the power of love, framed through a Millenial lens.
L8LOOMER is on a resurgence after not releasing music for over 9 months. At the end of February, he dropped “Good For That,” which featured Anne Devereaux. You can stream “SFWU” below: