LA Font, “Bright Red Flame”

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As soon as the song begins, “Bright Red Flame” has momentum. It doesn’t need to build. Playing with call and response rhythm between guitar and drums, the second single off LA Font’s new 2-on-1 cassette from our friends at Fleeting Youth Records is relentless. Its up-and-down strum pauses only after the drums pick it up.

“Bright Red Flame” powers through with infectious guitar lines shoulder to the wheel style. Starting off loud, the track keeps pulsing through three minutes in a flash of plunky grooves punctuated by warbly guitar. It’s a little disorienting, like vertigo in bumpercars or riding in the bed of an old pick up truck as it speeds down a highway.

Unlike LA Font’s bouncy first single, “Pretty in Love“, or the swaying beat on “Onshore“, there’s no lingering to the tempo of “Bright Red Flame”. Just jangly, fret-sliding, string-bending blasting full-steam ahead.

Stream “Bright Red Flame” below or on Fleeting Youth’s Bandcamp where you can pre-order LA Font’s double cassette reissue before its out October 21.