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Bosco Delrey

You know how they say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure? I think Bosco Delrey understands that, and I’m pretty sure that’s why his recently released album, Everybody Wah, is like a bunch of disregarded sounds all patched together into something really catchy. I personally like it when Bosco goes all Bob Log/Quintron on some of the songs, but then he’s got this whole rockabilly acidhead in outer space thing going on in the others.

The album is actually a big mess in the good kind of way, like when Beck is really on top of his game. Take for instance “20 Flight Dub,” which sounds sort of like Alan Vega of Suicide making drug music with Sonic Boom. There are twelve other songs on the album, and none of them sound like that.

Bosco Delrey, “20 Flight Dub”