Many Mansions

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We're not going to start talking about saturation points or to begin worrying about whether music that's fun can cease being funny simply because it didn't arise as serenely out of a vacuum of obscure references as it would have a year or three ago. We learned the other day that “Balearic” is a word we've been using casually for ages, and now we can really use it properly for the likes of “Oneness” by Jamaica Plains' Many Mansions. Mainly though, every time a song comes through my playlist by the Whitehaus band, I am in love with it. Especially the weirdo ritualistic “Shattering of Vessels,” but if that's not your thing, may we add the aptly-titled “Big White House” to the ranks of our ongoing Vampire Weekend cover bands hall of fame.

Many Mansions, “Oneness”

Many Mansions, “Shattering of Vessles”

Many Mansions, “Big White House”