Listen to Winter’s latest LP ‘Endless Space (Between You & I)’

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

L.A. dream pop musician’s new record is a shimmering, ethereal wonderland

Los Angeles shoegaze and dream pop purveyor Samira Winter has been blessing us with lush, wondrous sounds under her Winter moniker for several years now. From her spirited 2015 debut LP Supreme Blue Dream to a pair of 2018 records – Ethereality and the bossanova-infused Triptides collab Estrela Mágica – she’s consistently invigorated the noise-pop sphere with her reverb-soaked riffs, shimmering synths and meditative vocals.

A couple of months ago, Winter released her transfixing new album Endless Space (Between You & I), and it’s been in our constant rotation ever since. Her most ambitious and diverse record to date, Endless Space pushes the boundaries of Winter’s sound to airy, atmospheric new heights. The flickering, echoey whispers of psychedelic opener “Between You & I” and the title track’s cooing waves of bass and lo-fi guitars ignite the rest of the LP’s warm and intimate sonic palette. There’s moments of spacey wonder amidst romantic turmoil on tracks like “Healing” as well as bleary dance vibes on the ebullient single “Say.” On Endless Space, the rhythms are loungey and more pronounced, the production more glossy and swirling, and Winter’s vocals are as soothing and buoyant as ever. She also serves up Portuguese-sung lyrics on the soaring synth number “Bem No Fundo” and the snowballing shoegaze stunner “Memoria Colorida.”

Endless Space (Between You & I) is both an expansive and intimate treat from start to finish, and it’s out via Bar/None Records. You can buy it HERE and sample it below.