Love You Later – ‘Heaven Is Without You’ EP

Post Author: Aidan Grant

L.A dream-pop artist’s new EP is hazy, delightful bliss

The brainchild of songwriter Lexi Aviles, Love You Later is a project that blends the effervescent production of ’80s electronic music and modern pop songwriting in truly unique ways.

Launching the project with her debut single “Lost in Los Angeles,” Lexi soon found herself massively supported across Spotify, which proved to be fertile soil for her music to grow. She’s gone on to perform at SXSW and across the country with bands such as R.LUM.R, La Bouquet, Bayside, The WLDLFE, Vista Kicks, Dayglow, No Vacation, and more.

Her new EP Heaven Is Without You continues in her unique, hazy and serene style. It’s a journey through stories of self-acceptance and liberation, with a noticeable hint of nostalgia. There’s a glistening production style throughout that’s sure to find fans among the likes of Goldfrapp and Lana Del Rey.

Heaven Is Without You illustrates the ups and downs, twists and turns, fun times and bad times of a relationship that was suppressing me as a person and therefore, as an artist as well,” Lexi shared. “It’s about realization and acceptance and letting go and growing into my own whole person without needing a relationship (especially a toxic one) to fill in the gaps.”

Give it a spin below.