Luxley Releases Unique EP “Chromatics”

Electronic artist Luxley has dropped his latest release, Chromatics. Each song on the EP brings something new to the table, a unique musical landscape. Each track, according to Luxley, is represented by a different color. This stems from Luxley’s condition, chromesthesia, causing him to unconsciously associate colors with sounds. “Dreamcatcher”, an ambient track featuring vintage synth cuts and funky talk-box’s, is represented by green; while the radio-friendly dance-pop of “Take A Chance” is represented by pink. In his latest EP, Luxley opts to stray from his older sound in favor of something more unique:

”Chromatics is a departure from my previous work. The previous direction wasn’t speaking to me anymore, but I think that experience was invaluable. Since the change, I feel like I can connect with people on a more fundamental level.” – Luxley

Luxley, born-and-raised in New Orleans, officially began his music career in 2012 when he boldly chose to leave medical school to pursue his musical projects. In addition to his musical work, he works full time as a bartender. Still, Luxley has been able to find success as a musician. He’s been featured by the iTunes, Spotify’s “New Music Friday”, and publications like the Huffington post. His latest EP, “Chromatics” is the perfect addition to his release catalogue.