Iceland is known for it’s cold weather, and ridiculously small population. Yet as a nation it keeps cropping up with feats of brilliance.

The latest, is the work of Mani Orrason. Almost five years since Máni Orrason became known in his native Iceland. With the pop-folk hit “Fed All My Days”, he came into the focus of the music world and secured his first festival appearances. This followed a string of other EP’s and releases that carved out his place on the map of synth-led, pop brilliance.

The latest project is a video for ‘Privilege of Time’ – Following the classic aesthetic of hazy, blurred visuals. It’s a smooth, analogue feel that’s sure to hit well with fans of Shura or Georgia. On the new single, Mani states

“I feel more hopeful, more stable, feel love for so many things around me”