Marika Hackman – “i’m not where you are”

We’ve been huge fans of English musician Marika Hackman ever since her 2013 EP That Iron Taste. Since then, she’s cranked out two excellent albums of dark, folk-infused alternative garage-rock: 2015’s We Slept At Last and 2017’s I’m Not Your Man. Now the crafty singer-songwriter from Hampshire has unveiled a brand new single called “i’m not where you are,” which is peppered with shimmering synths, rollicking guitars, and self-deprecating lyrics.

As the track unfolds through a slither of noodling guitar licks and chugging percussion, Hackman’s smoldering voice offers a potent perspective on break-ups and self-sabotaging relationships. “I’d rather be asleep/ Than interact with me/ I don’t get what you see/ Cuz lately I’ve been trying to find/ The point of human contact/ I get bored like that,” she croons, full of melancholy. Hackman wields an introspective lens as she uncovers relationship power imbalances, or when one human being can’t trust their emotions because they aren’t in the same place as their other half. It’s a bittersweet, laid-back indie-rock jam that concludes with a cathartic guitar solo, and another triumph for Marika Hackman. Listen below.