Mathemagic splits one with Young Prisms

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Young Prisms/Mathemagic 7-inch split Atelier Ciseaux

We recently profiled the burgeoning Atelier Ciseaux label after discovering their effortlessly curated cache of 7-inch releases plucked from the U.S. “underground”/”beyond” continuum, blending a little Jeans Wilder with their Best Coast, so to speak. So it's not surprising that slum North American again for their latest vinyl release.

Enter some smooth-sailing dream boat tracks from Toronto's Young Prisms and San Francisco's Mathemagic. They're sharing the Mathemagic side of the equation, which shimmers and hisses pure hi-end light and wind and will be loved by all so long as it remains unaccompanied by super 8 montages of kites and sun-li skinny girls on the beach.

Mathemagic, “Breaststroke”

But don't take my word for it. Every email I receive from Atelier's label head, Remi Lafitte, should be read in the streets. Get the 7-inch, because it's so much more than that:

Climbing over a wire fence. Lying down at the bottom of a pool. Empty. Picturing the waves. On old-fashioned tiles. A retro sunset printed on a sleeveless shirt. The sound of the ocean on cassette tape. Two contemporary ripples of a dark and/or bright shoegaze.

You heard it here first, or second.