Michael Hix, "Vico"

Post Author: Anna Selle

Listening to Michael Hix’s “Vico” is an ambient experience. Cascading synth hooks bounce over one another, layered with intention and care. On a first listen, the song is simple and delicate. But after spending some time with the track, its richness and complexities begin to emerge. Synth melodies flow into one another and echo through the space of the recording, expanding on themselves as the track progresses.
“Vico” is the first single off of Hix’s forthcoming sophomore release, Pneuma, set to be released on Hix’s own label Willow Music on June 23rd. Like “Vico,” Pneuma is an experiment in reducing composition and arrangements to the essential elements. The album was inspired by a trip to Florence, Italy, a city that is at the same time intricately decorated and dripping with minimalism. In the same way, Hix strips complex components of pop and house music into atmospheric bits of sound.

Pneuma is available for preorder now.