Mikko Joensuu, “Drop Me Down”

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If you’ve ever struggled with self-actualization and the belief or disbelief in a higher power, you’re not alone. More specifically, coming to realizations you may never have considered before. That’s what Mikko Joensuu has been doing, having taken the better part of seven years to work on a series of three records that detail his contemplation of the idea that there is no God. Especially harsh, due to the fact that he comes from a very religious background, although it lends itself to the tranquility and beauty of the works themselves. His latest work, Amen 2, is due out December 9th. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of his track “Drop Me Down”.

The song starts out low, on a single note that slowly makes its way into the sound space. The piano takes over, and Mikko’s beautiful voice comes in, clear and strong in its conviction. The reverb in the song – accompanied by beautiful strings – allows you to feel a zen come over you, as he sings lines like, “this river will still run wild.” It does nothing less than conjure up images of nature and an ever-present feeling of serenity. We’re big fans of this song, and cannot wait to see what’s to come from Amen 2.

Amen 2 is out December 9th via Svart Records.