Milo, “Ecclesiastes”

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Signing to Hellfyre Club and dropping the double EPs Things That Happen At Day // Things That Happen At Night isn't enough for young Milo in 2013, despite his cassette EPs going into extra pressings to keep it in print. On July 9, he's putting out Cavalcade, a 7-song collection of new music produced by Riley Lake with guest appearances by Nocando, Busdriver, and YC The Cynic.

Milo has the ability to write is own reality. As a Midwest philosophy student, he's unique to rap simply by biography. The breadcrumbs into his weird forest are the illusions, like going to school to become a pizza chef, he casts out as better, alternative career paths. You get the sense that he didn't bring up making artisan pizzas because it rhymed, but for reasons that would require years logged in Milo's inner circle to discover.

Riding a dreamy acoustic loop, “Ecclesiastes” is hinged with an ear-worm refrain (“I am no longer afraid of the darkness / I can walk straight into apartments”), but it will always be Milo's technicolored word vomit that stains our shirts with a Rorshach design. For all the airy, sing-songy splendor of “Ecclesiastes”, Milo ends on a bitter, defiant note to the Reaper. Early listens will delight, but further exploration reveals a young man still coping with the death that informed his first mixtape.

Milo's Cavalcade is out July 9 on Hellfyre Club.