Mint Field – Aprender a Ser

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Mexico City band’s new album is an ode to embracing life’s beauty and melancholy

Mexico City’s indie stalwarts Mint Field take us on an ethereal journey with their latest full length album, Aprender a Ser. This forward-thinking avant dream-pop and shoegaze masterpiece, adorned with hints of trip-hop, beautifully explores the melancholic tapestry of daily life.

Aprender a Ser is more than just an album; it’s a testament to the philosophy of cherishing every moment life offers. The songs delve into appreciating our emotions without repression or avoidance, understanding our past, observing our evolution, and savoring the intricate beauty of our feelings.

Mint Field’s music, led by Estrella del Sol and Sebastian Neyra, is a testament to their versatility. Complex rhythms, glistening guitars, and soothing vocals intertwine to create an eclectic experience that transcends genres. The drumming magic from Callum Brown (also a member of London’s Ulrika Spacek) adds an extra layer of depth to their sound.

“Aprender a Ser” is a reminder that living in the present is a gift, and each song is a mesmerizing journey through the emotions that make life beautiful. Previously-released singles such as “Orquídea” and “Nuevo Sol” touch on this, with languid dream pop riffs and zoned-out rhythms cauterizing that beauty in sonic form, along with Estrella’s haunting vocal performances. Mint Field invites us to savor these intricate moments, and appreciate the magic within our existence. This album will inspire listeners to embrace the depth of their emotions, and ultimately, it’s a cleansing, therapeutic experience.

You can give Mint Field’s Aprender a Ser a spin below: