Mono Club Puts Out New Single "Place Called Home"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

An intricate whirling of electrifying rock kicks off Mono Club’s latest track, “Place Called Home.” Free-spirited and upbeat instrumentals mesh with ethereal vocals, soothing and warm like a rainy night. The London based six-piece group, comprised of John Herbert, Dan Bell, Jake Bowser, Nicky Francis, Kyle Hall, and Lyla Foy, is set to release a new single on March 9th via LGM Record, titled “Best Laid Plans.”

“Place Called Home” was recorded in London, then self-produced and mixed by Dave Eringa (Manic Street Preachers). Mono Club’s debut album ‘Sky High And Submarine’ is set for a spring release, and it is sure to be filled with equal parts surf rock and grunge sprinklings. Their brand of rock is raw and real, their sincerity oozing through every beat– it feels like Mono Club is a club we can all join.

Mono Club has an upcoming show in London, and you can keep up with them here.