Moral Panic, Moral Panic

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

Moral Panic, the trio from Brooklyn, NY made up of Daniel Kelley (guitar/vox), Gregory Collins (drums), and Mark Brei (bass), is ready to release their debut effort of the same name this spring.  The ten track album is pure, high-energy punk music from beginning to end.
Kelley and Collins, both former members of Livids, decided to create a new project “with the intent of being more minimalist and raw”.  After the addition of Brei, “the three have been out on a mission to melt as many faces as possible”.  Mission accomplished.
From the beginning riffs of “Smoke/Drink”, you know you are listening to undiluted punk.  Although only a little over a minute and a half long “Smoke/Drink” sets the table for the rest of the set list with guitar based chords, heavy drums and loudly sung lyrics.  “Dug” is a personal favorite with because of the guitar riffs tucked into the middle of the tune.  “Awkward Sexual Adventure” bookends the album nicely, but each song leads bracingly into the next, leaving you hoping each song would last just a little longer.

“Moral Panic” Track List

  1. Smoke / Drink
  2. Ghost Leg
  3. Dug
  4. Neck Tattoo
  5. Ripped Jeans
  6. Harbor Fitness
  7. Edged
  8. Fountains
  9. 1999
  10. Awkward Sexual Adventure

The record release show for “Moral Panic” will be March 18 at Bar Matchless in Brooklyn, New York. Keep up with them here.