New Xray Eyeballs, “Egyptian Magician (Let's All Get High)”

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We've seen OJ from Golden Triangle's jangly side-project Xray Eyeballz show up in a few Test Patterns lineups. Look at the evidence and you'll see two things. One is that the band's taken on a few lineup switches, and the other is that it took us about a year to put a 'z' at the end of their name, and now we're going to take it away again.

We got it now. The band's latest incarnation's posted a demo recording on their blog for a song called “Egyptian Magician (Let's All Get High)” about which they muse, “This one's really rough, and we may or may not try recording a better version at some point.”

Enjoy it in all its practice room tunnel vision glory.

Xray Eyeballs, “Egyptian Magician (Let's All Get High)”