My Goodness, "Elevators"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Seattle-based rock collective My Goodness – comprised of Joel Schneider, Andy Lum, Josh Starkel, and Kyle Veazey – is ready and raring to release their album Scavengers unto the world. But while we wait until its official release date of June 2nd, we’ve got the premiere of their new track “Elevators” to share with you, another piece of the puzzle we are all about to unravel together.
Driven by layered – almost ominous – instrumentals, the song is absolutely incredible, both in its instrumental composition and its lyrics. With lines like “Oh, Lock me down with elevated heartbeats thumping till we can’t speak / We’re coming back for more,” the beautiful idea of rolling with the punches becomes attainable, this song as the soundtrack to pull you through your weak moments. 
“‘Elevators’ was the first song Joel [Schneider] and I worked on together for Scavengers,” admits Lum. “Funny story: I found the shell of the song, just drums and piano, on my hard drive late one night. The file was labeled ‘cool idea don’t forget’, so I was pretty excited when I opened it. I think it was destiny because we recorded and finished that song separately from the rest of the record but it’s still one of our favorite tracks.”
We can see why.

Scavengers will be available in stores and online via Votiv Music and Freakout Records on June 2nd. It is available for preorder now.