Negative Gemini – “Clown Cleaner”

Post Author: Kaya Haskins

Vaporwave purveyor & 100% Electronica boss unveils shimmering new banger from VR livestream

Over the weekend, several acts associated with indie record label & vaporwave purveyor 100% Electronica threw a “Beyond The Virtual Utopia” 360° VR livestream party. Those artists included Death’s Dynamic Shroud, Satin Sheets, Equip, FM Skyline, and label heads George Clanton and Negative Gemini. During her dreamy and wondrous set, Negative Gemini dropped a previously unreleased new track, the lush and glistening banger “Clown Cleaner.”

Pulsating drum machines, shimmering club synths, and a bevy of bending, warped digital samples slink in and out of this driving dance track. It’s a feverish slice of uptempo experimental electronic pop that’s equal parts groovy and psychedelic. The last minute of the track fades out into ominous atmospheric soundscapes thanks to pensive and ethereal piano notes that bring the track to a meditative sputter. It’s exactly the type of dense, multi-layered dance track that you can lose yourself in and pick up on new sonic subtleties with repeated listens. Give it a spin below, and check out the entire two-hour “Beyond The Virtual Utopia” VR experience HERE.