Eternal Tapestry, Palace of the Night Skies LP

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Nick Bindeman's one of our favorite dudes making music in Portland, and, as a member of Jackie O Motherfucker, Eternal Tapestry, and his solo Tunnels projects, he's also doubtlessly one of the busiest. Eternal Tapestry is his project with brother Jed Bindeman and Dewey Mahood, and the trio have a new LP in Palace of the Night Skies, a three-track trip that lasts forty minutes. The first two tracks are both 17-minute long pentatonic jams that slowly melt into a heavy, viscous sludge before dissipating. It's exactly the kind of music the band should be making if they're going to live up to the aural equivalent of tapestries that go on forever. Here's the short, final track, which blends the first track's groovy hooks with the cauldron of boiling guitars from the second.

Eternal Tapestry, “Hermetic Secrets”

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