Nightingail, Magnetic Sound Live

Post Author: Anna Selle

Tennessee songbird Nightingail returns with her sophomore EP, Magnetic Sound Live EP. At just three songs long, the collection is a brief glimpse into the worldview of Alicia Gail, the singer and songwriter behind the moniker. Filled with vocals riffs that melt into delicately placed layers of instrumentation, Magnetic will leave you craving more from Nightingail.
True to it’s name, Magnetic draws you in and keeps your attention from the opening drum fill on the EP’s first track, ‘Green Coat.’ From there, the sound opens up into blues melodies mixed with indie-folk tones. Gail’s voice is warm and charming, even on ‘Where Roses Never Fade,’ a melancholic reflection on love and loss that closes the EP. The instrumentation on Magnetic, though lovely and well-balanced, really serves as a backdrop for the stories and emotion that drips from every one of Gail’s words.
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