Octopus Project make me Wet for Gold

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Golden Beds — the newest EP from the quartet known for their shapeshifting, Theremin drenched songs — is an enhanced EP featuring seven videos to accompany the five songs (you do the math). But I'm more excited about the audible offer their label has posted in the way of the newest single, “Wet Gold”.

Originally released last year as a subscription-only 7-inch on UK's Too Pure Records, “Wet Gold” sees more vocals than we're used to from Octopus Project. In fact, it's one of the few times we've heard from the normally subdued Thereminist Yvonne Lambert. Sung in a duet style with one of her male counterparts (can't tell if it's Toto Miranda or her husband Josh), the vocals are layered over slight drips of elements of ghosts past. Not nearly as up-tempo as we're used to, it plays like a therepeutic carpet ride when compared to their historically head bobbin pop.

The Octopus Project, “Wet Gold”

Golden Beds track listing:
01 Wet Gold
02 Moon Boil
03 Rorol
04 Wood Trumpet
05 Half a Nice Day

Golden Beds videos:
01 Wet Gold (dir. by Zellner Bros.)
02 I Saw the Bright Shinies (dir. by Divya Srinivasan)
03 An Evening with Rthrtha (dir. by Double Triple & Ryan Junell)
04 Truck (dir. by Zellner Bros.)
05 Music is Happiness (dir. by Nick Smith)
06 Exit Counselor (dir. by Toto Miranda)
07 Truck (live at the Austin City Limits Festival 2008)

Buy Golden Beds from Peek-A-Boo Records.
Stream Golden Beds in it's entirety here.