ONUR – “Beautiful Time” video

ONUR is a rising British-Turkish electro R&B musician whose stunning voice and walloping beats have cemented his status as a buzzy artist to watch. Earlier this year, the up-and-coming singer/songwriter/producer released his debut EP A Millennial Rhapsody, and now he’s unveiled the music video for the album’s lead single “Beautiful Time.”

Right from the opening synth stabs, ONUR unleashes his angelic voice to the stratospheres, going full falsetto as warped synths bend and contort in a myriad of soulful ways. “Beautiful Time” is a groovy R&B track with all sorts of glitchy atmospheric quirks coursing throughout. It’s also a deeply introspective single in which ONUR dissects the ways in which other people’s actions left him feeling emotionally isolated during his turbulent adolescent years, while also recognizing the beauty of present struggles and the power of perseverance. Above all, it’s a passionate and confessional track that shares some of the same heady, maximalist DNA of icons like James Blake and Jai Paul. In addition, the track’s video is a wonderful DIY production, featuring plenty of fish-eye lens and home video-style shots of ONUR and his friends engaging in various street shenanigans – with clutch editing throughout. You can watch it below, and listen to all of A Millennial Rhapsody HERE.