Overcity – “Old School Love”

Norwegian trio release dreamy, nostalgic love song

Norwegian outfit Overcity‘s latest release, “Old School Love,” is a dreamy and nostalgic journey that perfectly captures the feeling of falling in love. As the trio of Fieh, Mall Girl, and Tigerstate describe, the track is like “being in love, except you’re also eating breakfast at Tiffany’s and singing in the rain at the same time.”

Their aim was to create a “musical painting of Audrey Hepburn,” and with “Old School Love,” they have achieved just that. The track is a unique blend of edgy guitar, catchy vocals, and clean drums that build to an energetic tempo.

Drawing inspiration from wide-ranging influences including Frank Sinatra and Tame Impala, Overcity has crafted a sound that’s both nostalgic and fresh. As the trio states, they “hope it also sounds like the dawn of the stone age,” and their dedication to an authentic old-school sound is evident in their use of analogue tape.

Overall, “Old School Love” is a strong addition to Overcity’s retro-inspired releases, and it’s clear that the trio has a bright future ahead of them. With their debut album due in June 2023, fans can look forward to more dreamy and nostalgic tracks that perfectly capture the feeling of falling in love. “Old School Love” arrives alongside an EP of the same name, which you can stream below: