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phillip oskar augustine

Bathetic Records released a new tape by Phillip Oskar Augustine called Unknown Patterns. Not hearing too many overt Joy Division references in the music, and maybe it's more fun to hear his tracks as cleaner, more chipper take on the same positive music released recently by Ernest Greene (Washed Out) and Chaz Bundick (Toro Y Moi), since both those musicians appear on a couple of his new songs.

Listen to him wait for sunshine and the like on a track currently circulating called “Only Bleeding”:

You can hear and download high-res versions of older tracks at his Soundcloud page, all proudly recorded from analog to tape to computer. The first two see Augustine searching stylistically, including a spot-on cover of “Barbara Ann” (til the guitar solo!), while the third, “Internal Combustion”, appears on his Unknown Patterns tape.

Phillip Oskar Augustine, “Things Felt”

Buy the tape here.