Picture Atlantic, Assouf

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Picture Atlantic’s new album Assouf is set to release next Friday, but we’ve got the Impose exclusive premiere for you today. Together for over a decade, the Bay Area’s Picture Atlantic have a wealth of experience as musicians that they’ve put to good use crafting the catchy, rocking pop tunes that make up Assouf. Self-assured and confidently executed, Assouf treads familiar and new ground for Picture Atlantic, something that will no doubt resonate with new and old fans alike.

Assouf opens with “Peers”, a dynamic, blistering rocker that displays vocalist Nik Bartunek’s range and power. It’s followed by the summery pop of “With My By Myself” and the building, heavy grooves of “Shallow Words”. “Something New” staggers on the strength of the rhythm section of bassist Ryan Blair and drummer Daniel Martinez as they turn a spare beat into an expansive tune with echoes of Depeche Mode. That is followed by the frenetic arpeggio energy of “Billy Banker” and skittering dance rhythm of “Lord Have Mercy”.

“The Square” has a beautifully delicate vocal line above a dreamy guitar that recalls Jeff Buckley as well as the melodic mastery of bands like U2 or Coldplay. “Water to Wine” has a palpable immediacy and symphonic grandeur to it while still being a straightforward rock and roll tune. The driving “Convenient Lovers” is followed by the intimate, ethereal “Time” and the album closes with “Mercurial”, an alt-rock anthem sure to have listeners singing, and dancing, along.

Assouf will be released Friday, October 21. You can follow Picture Atlantic on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and on their website at www.pictureatlantic.com.