PREMIERE: Fogh Depot – “We Are The Prison” (feat. Anastasia Minster)

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Russian experimental electronic trio’s new video is a feast for the eyes

Fogh Depot is a Moscow-based experimental electronic trio with heavy jazz and neoclassical influences. So far they’ve released two full-length albums of cold, melancholic, glitchy tapestries: 2015’s self-titled LP and 2016’s Turmalinturm. Now the group is back with a mesmerizing new song and video called “We Are The Prison,” and it’s the first taste of their forthcoming album.

“We Are The Prison” is a lush slice of experimental avant-pop. Opening on minimal layers of swelling bass and delicate piano notes, the track features a smoldering vocal performance by jazzy chamber pop singer Anastasia Minster. Flickering beats and ominous classical textures give off heavy These New Puritans vibes, while the track’s simmering new wave poetics recall prime-era Kate Bush. Overall, it’s a hypnotic blend of IDM, dark jazz, and dream-pop. Furthermore, the song’s video is pure eye candy – a visually dazzling collage of nature shots featuring a young woman dreamily wandering through barren landscapes: desolate snow-capped hills, windy beaches, fiery woodlands, and more. It’s all shot in breathtaking cinematography, and absolutely packed with symbolic imagery tackling the song’s themes of toxic co-dependency in a relationship.

According to Fogh Depot, the song “explores the theme of a toxic relationship: a powerful destructive bond between two people that is almost unbearable, yet impossible to break…The prison represents a relationship in which both people feel claustrophobic and suppressed. It also represents a lack of inner freedom, the state of being disconnected from your true self and being lost in the labyrinth of one’s ambivalent feelings.” It’s also the first taste of Fogh Depot’s forthcoming album, title and release date still TBA. When that arrives, we’ll be sure to bring you full coverage. In the meantime, watch the beautiful video for “We Are The Prison” below.