Premiere: Telfair "Two in a row"

Pittsburgh native Telfair was influenced by an interesting cast of characters as a small child. His godfather was poet Allen Ginsberg, who used to call the family’s landline regularly to share interesting and memorable stories. Telfair remembers his father taking him to an MC Hammer concert in his early youth, but the show ended up being too loud for him to stay in the arena. Telfair says “with any pleasure comes an edge of pain” and so the energy of that obnoxiously loud concert has always stuck with him. Telfair studied at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music and has been featured on Wiz Khalifa early mixtape called Flight School, and has been a collaborator of other prominent releases. The man behind the music hopes to take the time, and focus on his own music this year.

“Two In A Row” is a contemporary and theatrical masterpiece. We can tell from a production standpoint that this track, has the right amount of knowledge and emotion to make it sound traumatic and alluring. We can also hear the end result from the beauty in Telfair’s haunting vocals and placated synthesizer work.