Preview to Blu's No York

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We anticipated Blu would reunite with Exile in 2010, re-captivating our intrigue in his laissez-faire Los(t) Angeles meditations. With less than a month remaining, it looks as though we should place our hope on 2011 and with a little luck perhaps the next B&E record will come not long after No York.

Thus far two songs have leaked from No York. It's too soon to grudgingly speculate, but it feels like another unfocused off-the-wall solo project is on the way. Although, it could be slanting towards C.R.A.C. territory explored in '08, which is fine by us.

Only Blu could hear Dibia$e's beat for “SLNGBNGrs!” and find a home within his SNES on the fritz, glitched out productions. “SlNGBNGRrs!” sounds as though it was a leftover from Dibia$e's Machines Hate Me. Most would take the AWOL breakdown as a good time to zip the lip and let the madness ride out, but Blu just keeps on rambling like the song isn't falling apart beneath him.

The second leak has been out since April, but somehow slipped through our radar. It's called “New MGNGrand” and it's produced by Mainframe and Bob Smiles. This is the track that has us recalling the C.R.A.C. era Blu sound.

Here's a video featuring Blu discussing the producers list for No York:

The No York album due out when pigs fly and dogs sing opera.

Blu, “SLNGBNGrs!”

Blu, “New MGNGrand”