Well this is a very odd video

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While it has its fine points, we can't endorse in its entirety the music of I.R.O.K., which topples off the trodden path of glammed British pop into some Ibizoid witch beat. But at least watch the first minute and a half of this thing.

As commuters stream across the opening moments of this video made by someone who goes by ALIEN, for I.R.O.K.'s song “OO AA OO”, and words like “CONFORM” and phrases “SYSTEM CONTROL IS ON” are plastered on the screen, you may find yourself thinking, “Gee, this is a heavy handed video from some London pop group.”

But you see you haven't gotten to the boils yet.

While we maybe hoped the video's arc would've stayed on the more self-mocking side of dark WTF, it apparently can't leave the game without some witches in da house.

Oh well. Not much about I.R.O.K. on the nets, so we'll leave you with the inspirational quote they left us in their email:

“life forms, remove the shackles of the bondage that they keep you in:
GET FREE. This is your time to wake up from the heavy heavy sedation”

The Arganoids are coming.
No, they are already here.
Eat. Work. Drink. Fuck. Sleep. GET FREE.
IROK is the parallel. IROK is your escape. IROK is the Republic where
we will meet in sweat, blood and joy.