Pyramid Vritra's “Halloween In Glendale 2000”

Pyramid Vritra

Warning: Mystikal, despite being from the South, is not meant to be heard chopped n' screwed. We found out the hard way, though we have a hunch Hal Williams, aka Pyramd Vritra digs Mystikal's “I Smell Smoke” down pitched into Satan's hotbox. Mystikal pitch-shifted is unsettling, but it's a brief oddity within Pyramid Vritra's “Halloween In Glendalde 2000” mix.

As a member of Jet Age of Tomorrow and a recent signee to Stones Throw, Pyramid Vritra proves his experimental salt and vast collection on his Halloween mix. The down pitched pace of the mix instills a possessed by demons quality to the vocals of Brotha Lynch Hung (who hardly needs help in being sinister), Raekwon, Z-Ro, Lil Ugly Mane, and James Pants. He splices in some Hal Williams originals, the music of his labelmates, and closes with Soundgarden's “Blackhole Sun” because screwed Soundgarden slays – no further explanation required.

Pyramid Vritra had the following advice to offer regarding his mix selection:


This is the soundtrack to third grade in glendale heights riding my bike through the park late on a fall night. Or mobbing through rich neighborhoods with the team stacking up the “good” treats. Down pitched and chopped, Fuck costumes, Smoke up, rebel, Ride out and try not to get killed music.

Where is da bud (three 6 mafia/lord infamous)
Rest in piss (brotha lynch hung)
Respect my mind (z-ro)
Tear you apart (she wants revenge)
Get along with you (kelis)
Linx (pv)
I smell smoke (mystikal)
Now u know the deal (machine drum)
The chase (ethereal, the supernatural)
Mf hotbox (aditi)
Porsche (yoko moptop/the sage)
The faster blade (ghostface killa/raekwon)
In your car (georg levin)
Radiation (lil ugly mane)
Submission (fantastic plastic machine)
Canyon (pv)
Party (nelly furtado)
Take a little trip (minnie riperton)
The eye of the lord (james pants)
Rhythm is my bitch (kevin avionce)
Alternate ending (pv)
Black hole sun (soundgarden)