RAIGN Shares New Album ‘SIGN’

Songwriter RAIGN returns with Powerful New Album Track
An artist we’ve had our eyes on for a while, RAIGN is starting to grab attention with her boundary pushing pop.

RAIGN involves herself with the whole process from her purpose-built home studio. Aside from working on her own music, she runs her own label Millionaire London Records, designs clothes, writes songs for some of the biggest names in music and is currently penning an audiobook; fascinatingly orchestrally scored by herself as well. Her life is defined by her creativity and while she channels a lot of that into her music, her passionate vision seeps into facets of her life.

Her new album “SIGN”, is the culmination of years of creative passion. Collaborating in Los Angeles with co-producers Robbie Lamond (Ellie Goulding/Lana Del Rey), Mysto & Pizzi (Kelly Rowland) and French House DJ Fred Falke (Fleurie/Daft Punk/Ellie Goulding) SIGN is set to be a career defining album that establishes her at the forefront of boundary pushing pop, that executes her distinctly grand vision with an inimitable finesse.

Our pick of the bunch is the new single “God Only Knows”, but check out the full album for emphatic, huge-production pop finesse.